Be one with Nature

Stellenbosch is like a rare gem, which offers many facets of enjoyment.  One of its greatest pleasures is being at one with nature, while experiencing its calmness and loveliness.

How does exploring a game reserve on horse back sound?  Don’t stress, there are only herbivores!  No risk of wrestling with the King of the Jungle. Horse Rides At Pete’s is a must! There are two trail options available to you.  The Wildlife Sanctuary trail offers a horseback tour for the duration of one and a half hours. While the Wildlife & Wine tasting trail offers horseback wildlife tour as well as vineyard rides.  The duration of this tour is between two and a half hours to three hours.  The optional extras on offer is cheese boards and bubbly and nougat pairing. These trips are super fun.  The age requirements for their youngest patrons is 8 years of age.  The group size per trip is seven people. Their well-trained steeds know just what to do.  So, if you are a novice and have never mounted a horse before, you are on safe hooves!

The game reserve is 240 hectares and is home to zebras, springboks, gemsboks, kudus, elands, giraffes, wildebeests, bonteboks and has a vast variety of birdlife.

A few interesting facts about some of these amazing creatures.  Did you know that zebras’ closest relatives are horses and donkeys?  Another interesting fact, there are only three different species of zebras. Giraffes can live to about 28 years old and can grow between four and a half to five meters high. Let me share just one more heart felt fact.  A mind boggling, yet precious characteristic in the Eland males. When threatened, the herd forms a front with the large males taking the lead positions. In other words, the males use their bodies to create a fortress, while protecting their females and young!

Horse Rides At Pete’s is an adventure of a lifetime! Its experiences will leave lifelong impressions on you. Why not venture onto a wine farm or go into town and experience impeccable cuisine at one of Stellenbosch’s famous restaurants.  I am sure that you must be peckish after spending time taking in the splendour of nature, filling your lungs with fresh air and feeling the power and muscles of your trusty steed.

What are you waiting for……… Stellies is your oyster!