Come Slither & Croc in Stellies

Does seeing the words, “Slither & Croc” stir up your curiosity? What could it possibly be?

Let me share with you an amazing destination.  It is the perfect destination for a family weekend getaway, or even just for a day outing. The destination is Le Bonheur Farm and it has its very own unique Reptile Exhibition.  Le Bonheur Winery and Le Bonheur Reptiles & Adventures is located just 10km out of Stellenbosch on the R44. Come on, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Le Bonheur farm is serene and scenic. It’s the place to be if you want to catch your breath and just be you without the demands of everyday life. The surroundings will bring you back to nature, leaving you feel refreshed and renewed.

Le Bonheur also offers many activities for both young and old and even mums and dads can have some fun.

The Crocodile Pond Tour is a must for both children and adults. Learn about these fascinating predators. Even though Crocodiles have a prehistoric look about them, they are the most evolved in the reptile family. The farm boasts with about 200 crocodiles ranging from hatchlings to adults.

The next activity is definitely not for the faint hearted but will appeal to the ‘adrenalin junkies’. If this does not get your heart pounding, then nothing will. How does CROCODILE CAGE DIVING sound? Imagine spending twenty minutes caged in their watery habitat surrounded by crocs!

After spending a couple of hours with the crocs, why not take the family to see the Snake Exhibition. Their exhibition comprises of a diverse selection of different species which range from local to international. The snakes are safely enclosed and can easily be viewed. Every weekend they offer interactive snake shows. This is a wonderful way to learn about these mostly feared creatures.

Yes dad, there is YOU time. Le Bonheur offers Bass fishing. For those who have pent-up energy, they have a cycling track and rowing available.

Le Bonheur farm also offers venues for children’s birthday parties. They supply everything from food to activities. This venue will leave lasting memories and will be remembered by your child and friends as the best party ever.

Le Bonheur has everything and more to offer the whole family. Why not make this your next day out when you visit the Winelands again.