Devon Valley Road, Devonvalley Stellenbosch
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Delight Your Senses

There is nothing more exhilarating than new experiences, tastes and allowing all five of your senses to work in unison, giving you an ultimate feeling of satisfaction.

Forty-five minutes from Cape Town, there is a place of unimaginable beauty. Let your mind relax and your senses be heightened in the Devon Valley district.  Devon Valley is about 10 minutes from Stellenbosch town centre and is a little piece of paradise. The valley is positioned amongst vineyards and has a backdrop of the Helderberg Mountains. It exudes sheer beauty and is ever so pleasing to the eye.   This is the perfect place to awaken and experience sensory pleasures and rekindle romance. A tour of sensory pleasures with your loved one should be a must this winter!

Meander your way through the valley and explore what the valley has to offer. Spend the day exploring and rediscovering your loved one.  Start your day with a scrumptious breakfast buffet at Devon Valley Hotel and lazily walk around the estate, breathing in fresh crisp winter morning air.  When you are ready, let’s continue with your exploration.  Middlevlei Wine Estate offers a Tapas and wine pairing.  Enjoy your lunch while cuddling up to your loved one and enjoy the crackling sound of the inviting warmth by the fireplace.

Can we tempt you to venture further into the valley?  You simply must include Clos Malverne Estate.  They offer a wine and ice cream pairing. Their honeydew and smoke vanilla ice cream combination served with exquisite dessert wines will awaken your taste buds to sheer ecstasy! Or, if you would rather spoil your loved one with some bubbly, JC Le Roux is the perfect place. If you or your loved one has a sweet tooth, their marshmallow and meringue sparkling wine pairing is a must.

Let’s be honest, your senses are stirred, your mouth cannot wait to taste the delicacies mentioned and a wintery day filled with romance and a crackling fire ………. it’s simply heavenly.