Nature a Many Splendid Wonder

Have you ever stopped what you’re doing for just a moment and wondered what nature must have been like before the invasion of smog, acid rain and pollution in all its numerous forms? We are convinced that the pure smell of nature, with all its splendour, would have been something to experience. The privileged suburbs on the outer skirts of the polluted city, are still fortunate to experience a small part of these pleasures. The air is much cleaner, almost crisp smelling, when it enters your lungs, the plant life also seems to look brighter in colour, more vibrant and healthier looking. However, my personal favourite experience is when it rains. You can smell the rain as it pours from the heavens and as it hits the ground. You realise that mother nature is present and alive in your surroundings. The beautiful garden, with all its plants and the surrounding area just smells so cleansed and fresh. There is no better place to experience this than Stellenbosch, with all its world-renowned vineyards and hotels. Sadly, for a city girl, the horrible smell of car fumes and other influences just drains all the beauty of mother nature.

Despite the constant population growth in Stellenbosch, it has managed to preserve its intimacy with nature.  Early morning walks in winter are my personal favourite. The feeling of the sharp iciness tingling on your face and the delicate cloudy whirls that you make when you exhale seems to energize you and make your body feel alive. There are many nature walks which you could tackle, but none more so than the Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens.

Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens has been in existence since 1902. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you that some of the initial plants that were planted are still alive today and are on display for tourists and any of those interested. The garden is extremely diverse and is divided up into several themes.  If you have an interest or passion for Bonsai, the garden has a vast variety, which includes both indigenous and exotic.

There are also water lily ponds. The garden boasts numerous species of Water lilies. Water Lilies are very resistant and invaluable to the ecosystem of ponds and rivers. Not only do they provide a form of shelter for fish and other water life, they also provide a source of food.  Water lilies also offer shade on the surface of the water, hence eliminating the growth of algae due to the lack of sunlight and warmth. These plants are therefore vital in maintaining the correct balances in the ecosystem.

The Botanical Gardens offer so much more than what I have shared with you, but I hope that what I have shared, stirs your interests enough to go and see and explore this wonderful part of our world called Stellenbosch and to visit the Botanical Gardens. Other experiences that I would recommend in Stellenbosch would be to visit some of the magnificent vineyards and hotels which puts Stellenbosch of the map as prime hot spots for any tourists visiting the Western Cape and wanting to get the full experience. SylanVale Vineyards which boasts some outstanding wines in the heart of Devon Valley, which is the perfect resting place for any keen dinners visiting the area.