The New Kid on the Block

There is a saying which goes, ‘Music is food to the soul, play on’! Let’s see by the end of this article if we can create a new phrase for wines.

There is something so extraordinarily special about vineyards and the thoughts that get conjured up in our minds.  It starts from the planting, to the beauty of the landscape, the vineyards and the actual grapes hanging on the vines ready for harvesting.  The winemaker is like a conductor in a symphony. Except, this is not a symphony of sound, but rather a symphony of tastes and aroma.  The winemaker, like the conductor, controls the balances of notes in each cultivar.  It truly is a mystifying and inspired process, which over a period of time becomes bottled for our enjoyment and pleasure.

Stellies is at the heart of our winelands and there are so many well-established old estates. Do you know that there is a new kid on the block and they are breaking ground in the wine industry.  Their wines are taking the market by storm both internationally and locally. Have you heard of Arra Vineyards?

Arra Vineyards is a harmonious blend between modern architecture and time-tested wine making. The vineyard boasts with views of the Paarl, Franschhoek Valley and Simonsberg mountain ranges.  Despite being a young estate, it is breath-taking in beauty. The estate produces Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier, Cabernet, Merlot, Shiraz, Pinotage and now recently, Port.  Arra Vineyards use French oak barrels in the aging process.  They have mastered the creamy textures and deep fruity flavours of their wines.  The full-bodied luxurious tastes will leave you with a feeling of moreish and each sip will bring bursts of pleasures to your palate. Book an appointment at their tasting room, which happens to be in the heart of their estate.   Spend the afternoon taking in the magnificent views while sipping your preferred cultivar and enjoying one of their yummy platters.

When next in Stellies, take a little detour along the R44, Klapmuts …… The detour is called Arra vineyards.  Let your palate be tickled with immeasurable tastes.

Oh, I almost forgot, a new wine phrase, hmm….. let’s see.  Wine is a symphony of flavours which fills your senses and palate with glee!

Arra Vineyards is waiting to greet you!