Time Warp

Stellenbosch is ranked as one of South Africa’s historical gems.  There are so many wonderful and interesting places to see.

While on vacation or over a weekend, spend some time in the City of Oaks and learn some interesting facts about its history and visually transport yourself back into a different era. There are far too many interesting places to mention them all, but the ones mentioned will entice your curiosity.

Schreuder House was originally built by Sebastian Schreuder between 1707 and 1709. He was a messenger of the court.  The house has one room which was used for a bed, a dining room and work area.  In those days the kitchen was the only room which was separate from the rest of the house.  The house is furnished with artefacts from that period. It’s amazing how styles and lifestyles have changed over the centuries.

Dorp Street is the oldest street in Stellenbosch.  Unbelievable as it might be, this very street was three centuries ago used as the old wagon road to Cape Town.  That very same road, is in use today and is still used to enter the town.  It is an idyllic street, despite being busy.  The street is framed by magnificent old Oak trees.  Some of those trees date back to the 1760s’. The old Oaks have been proclaimed historical monuments.

Rhenish Mission Church is one of the oldest mission churches in South Africa.  The church is typical 19th century architecture and was built in 1823. The church building is not only known for its historical importance but inside the church its pulpit which was built in 1853.  The pulpit was proclaimed as a historical monument since 1948 and the church since 1963.

A definite must, Uncle Sammy’s Shop.  The grocery store has been serving its community since 1904 and despite being proclaimed as a historical monument, it continues to service its community.  It offers all sorts of bric-brac items and food.  The shop is very popular and it stocks rare items, like antiques, books, straw brooms and the list just continues.

You are bound to find a treasure trove here in Stellenbosch. Spend the day ambling around and allow your eyes to feast and your taste buds savour.