Up, Up and Away

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like being as free as a bird, soaring, diving, gliding and playing on the wind currents?  Flying in a boeing or airbus and reaching your destination in record breaking time does not give you those sensations.  Simply put, an aeroplane is just like a compression chamber in the sky.  That is not freedom!

Would you like to be free? Do you also want to experience what the birds do, up there high in the sky?  It must be so exhilarating! Imagine, feeling all the elements of mother nature surrounding you.  The views from up there can only but be spectacular.  When we fly and if we are lucky to have a window seat, not much can be seen through it.  The birds get to see the big picture. Perhaps that is where the saying, “a bird’s eye view” comes from.

Are you keen?  Do you want to have a bird’s eye view? Come on, step outside of your comfort zone!

How does a Cape Winelands hot air balloon flight sound?  Now that is freedom!  The adventure begins just before sunrise.  The flight preparation only takes 20 minutes and take off happens at sunrise.  Wow, can you imagine the views and watching the dawning of a new day.   The balloon rises to about 1000 feet above sea level.  Your bird’s eye view will include Table Mountain, the mountain ranges and the breath-taking views of the vineyards in Stellies.  The pilot will descend the hot air balloon from time to time during the flight, giving you ample opportunities to take photographs and videos.   The total duration of the flight is an hour, after which you’ll head back to the landing site where you will enjoy a hearty breakfast at Klein Joostenberg Bistro.

The total duration from start to finish is approximately 3 hours. You have the whole day ahead of you and you’ve had a well-balanced breakfast.  Since you’ve spent an hour seeing vineyards from a bird’s eye view, wine tasting and maybe pairing isn’t such a bad idea.