Wamkelekile Ekayamandi Township

(Meaning, welcome to Kayamandi Township)

Stellenbosch is well known for its vast history, wine estates and culinary cuisine, but there are other gems in this multi-cultural town. Let’s take a peep.

There is a suburb in Stellenbosch known as Kayamandi.  Kayamandi is a Xhosa word which means ‘nice home’. If you are looking for a cultural awakening, or to experience true ethnic lifestyle and food, Kayamandi Township is your destination.

Thembi Koli is Kayamandi’s very own home-grown tour guide since 2004.  She is passionate and proud of her heritage and is involved in various projects in Kayamandi.  This vibrant woman is a voice for her community.

There are no airs and graces on this tour, its real at grassroots level.  She shares details of township life and its folks while ambling through the streets of Kayamandi.  The tour is approximately three hours long. I thought I would entice you with a few pitstops to look forward to.  The tour includes viewing their high school, which offers free education and has a daily three meal feeding scheme. The little ones are surely to soften your heart with their big eyes and sweet smiles while singing and dancing for you. This township booms with home businesses.  Portia’s ethnic jewellery shop will lure you with her stunning beaded designs, or learn how to make your very own ethnic clay pot at Jimmy Dantini, or perhaps you might give into the whim of having hair extensions at Gcigci Hair Salon.  The tour also includes beer tasting at the local shebeen and lastly a traditional Xhosa lunch awaits you at Mamma Swartbooi’s home.

This tour will enlighten you and humble you.  Words like me, myself and I do not exist here. These folks openly give of themselves, help each other and are friendly.  The vibe on the streets of Kayamandi is definitely ‘ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL’.