Cape Town welcomes seasonal rains and an end to day zero | The Devon Valley Hotel

Cape Town welcomes seasonal rains and an end to day zero

It is with great pleasure that we note the annual rains have started in Cape Town, rebuilding water supplies and tourism confidence. Now is the time for visitors to come to Cape Town!

The water situation in Cape Town in the past few weeks has significantly improved. As of June the 11th, the Cape Town dam water levels are at 31.8% % versus 20.9% a year ago. This is the first month that current dam levels have exceeded the prior year, and are early signs that the water situation in Cape Town is significantly improving for the year ahead.

With these good early May winter rains, water conservation by residents, farmers, businesses and government stakeholders, increased ground water usage via bore holes, desalination plants coming online, all point to a no-risk of water shortages for 2019.

Hotels have been very successful in reducing their daily water usage by 45% versus the prior year as a result of various smart water wise measures. Tourists have responded favourably and supportingly to the request to be water wise, making the impact on the hotel guest experience minimal.

With water conservation systems now in place in the Western Cape, good early winter rains received, and winter rains expected to be as good or exceed the prior year, Cape Town dam levels are expected to much improved for the 2019 year ahead.

Visitors from across South Africa and the world have watched to see when and how Cape Town will recover from this unprecedented water crisis that faces over 120 cities worldwide. Cape Town has come through the crisis wiser, smarter, more united and more committed to tourism than ever.

Micheal Tollman, CEO Cullinan Holdings