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Social Responsibility


The Devon Valley Hotel together with Preferred Hotel Group invites you to make a difference in our community by choosing to stay in “The Giving Room”. The Giving Room is an initiative of Preferred Hotel Group’s GIFTTS (Great Initiatives for Today’s [Tomorrow’s] Society) programme. For every night occupied in the designated Giving Room, Room 49, 10 per cent of the room’s revenue will be donated to Graceland Pre-Primary School. This initiative is a great way to make your stay not only memorable but also beneficial to the underprivileged in the immediate community.

Graceland Pre-primary School

Thembalitsha Foundation, in consultation with the local community, has established a pre-school and crèche in Devon Valley called Graceland. Its aim is to enable children to reach their full potential. The foundation has funded the training of four teachers through the Department of Education. The Devon Valley Hotel together with neighbouring vintners support this initiative and are honoured to be involved with such a committed team of care-givers. At the moment four teachers and helpers from the community take care of 65 children between the ages of two and seven years.

  • Eco-friendly habits at the Devon Valley Hotel

    • Water saving notices in bathrooms.
    • All glass, paper, newspapers and cardboard are recycled.
    • All new Vineyard Rooms (20) are equipped with an energy-saving device that automatically switches off all lights and air conditioners when guests leave their rooms.
    • A R350k investment has been made to date installing two separate solar heating systems at the hotel to ensure clean and renewable energy.
    • Energy-saving lighting has been installed wherever possible (including new LED lighting), currently reducing our power consumption by 27%; our goal is to achieve a 55% saving.
    • Both our hairdryers and our safes in the new rooms are RoHS compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive). This directive restricts the use of six hazardous materials in the manufacture of various types of electronic and electrical equipment.
    • Bamboo flooring was installed for ten of the new Vineyard bedrooms and all major public areas (restaurant, reception and bar). Bamboo is a quality, sustainable and renewable resource.
    • All maintenance staff attended the FEDHASA energy saving and efficiency seminar.
    • Earth Hour campaign: The hotel encouraged all guests and employees to sign up for this initiative and to join in a candlelit dinner during the time all power was switched off in the public areas.

Animal Welfare Society of Stellenbosch

Established in 1956, The Animal Welfare Society is a non-profit organisation in the Devon Valley, Stellenbosch. Its aim is to serve the community of Stellenbosch and greater Stellenbosch by taking care of the community’s unwanted, mistreated and neglected pets. They provide a safe haven for these animals until they are able to place them in a good, loving home. The AWS has 21 kennels, 21 cattery runs, an outdoor puppy camp, a sterilisation clinic and paddocks for dogs. At any given time, they house an average of 150 animals.

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